Thursday, April 19, 2012

GMO is the manipulation of genes to create new plants, animals and micro organisms.  While Canada is one of the world’s largest producers of GMO crops, the system for regulating food biotechnology is extremely weak. We as consumers should urge the government to do more.  These types of crops should have gone through more rigorous testing to determine their impact on human health, the environment (present and future) and the impact on all living species, before being released to the world. 

What can we do now?
We all have the right to choose the type of foods we eat.  Labelling should be enforced immediately on GMO foods including all packaged foods, fruits and vegetables, so consumers can make informed decisions. Canada and the United States are the only industrialized countries that do not have mandatory labelling regulations in place regarding GMO. 

Why do we not have a say on this matter?

Get informed; get involved… our world is not a testing ground!